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We sell electric scooter & fast electric scooters and we purchase original (cable descramblers) equipment including General Instruments Scientific Atlanta Jerrold Pioneer and other un-modified equipment. We buy from cable companys, Cable Brokers, Wholesalers or anyone with a surplus of Clean Title cable boxes. We buy unmodified converters only.  Insurance brokers, salvage brokers & mini storage owners with cable boxes are all welcome to sell to us. We also sell cable boxes. We sell universals for as low as $43 Each. We do not sell digital cable tv boxes, no digital cable boxes or digital cable boxes digital cable box


To View Un-Modified Cable Converters That We Buy Click Right Here!
We buy the S.A. 8600 Unmodified Cable DescramblerWe Buy the CFT 2200 Series Unmodified Cable Descramblers
We also sell Un-Modified cable boxes.Click here for our sales web site
viewmaster 4000+ cable box descrambler
vision titanium vx4500+ cable box unmodified
Cable Descramblers Unmodified Vision 20/20 Plus For $50
clearmax xxx 6000 unmodified raw cable box boxes descrambler
ranger 5000 cable box unmodified without a test chip installed
replacement remote controls for cable boxes and descramblers remote control for vx4500 vision titanium, vm4000+ viewmaster, vision 20/20 plus, ranger 5000, clearmax xxx-6000
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We Sell The View Master 4000+ & Vision 20/20 Plus & The Vision Titanium Vx4500 & The ClearMax XXX-6000 & The Ranger 5000

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